Legal information regarding online shop and websites. 


This site has been created to announce and allow access to the public to information regarding offered products by the owner of the website.


This website offers information about products and services commercialised by being those, in all cases, under the terms and conditions detailed at all times and accessible from this website, just like, specific services along with their pricing lists, that will also be under the different general conditions of use of each one of the services offered by online shop.


The access to this website, and the use done of the information and contents included in it, will be of exclusive responsibility of whom does it.

The access conditions to this website will be subject to the current legality and in good-faith principles and lawful use in the user’s part, being prohibited with general character any kind of action in damage of the online shop or third parties.

It is considered prohibited the use of this website with illegal or not authorised objectives, it is not limited to:

  •  Any kind of violation third party rights (right to privacy, own image, secret in communications, intellectual and industrial property, data protection…)
  • Include or introduce any kind of software virus, faulty files or any other software or application that might cause damage or non-authorised alterations of the contents and systems of any kind accessible via mentioned website.
  •  The faulty or inappropriate use versus the normal use and objective of all those services that might be included in the website of the online shop


The website and its owner are not responsible under any circumstance for any kind of damage that might be caused to the users of the present website, or any other, for the illegal or inappropriate use of it or of the contents and accessible information.


The owner reserves the right of suspending the access to the website, without any precious warning, in a discretional and temporal way, for technical or any other kind of difficulties, being able at the same time to change the access conditions unilaterally.


In the case that through this portal, a comercial activity is done, it will consist of the reception and consignment of relative applications regarding the products and services presented, being subject to the comercial transactions in all cases, to the currently legal dispositions, in particular the one’s stablished in Ley 7/1996 de 15 de Enero, de Ordenación del Comercio Minorista relativa a las Ventas a Distancia, and all the legislation referring the general conditions of contracting. To apply to any of the services offered by the online shop the client must accept the general conditions of presentation of the mentioned services relatives to every modality, which are at the client’s disposition via the website


The site and its contents are protected by the current legislation in the intellectual property matter. It is  specifically prohibited the copy. Modification, reproduction, download, transmission, distribution or generation of works derivative of the site’s content, without previous authorisation from the holder of the rights, or it is legally allowed.

The access to the site does not assume the acquisition on the user’s side to the rights of property on contents that are on it.


The owner of the website is able to to make corrections, improvements or modifications of the web’s design and any other information that is in the site, change or delete products, the access conditions or even the use of the website in an unilateral way, without previous warning and this cannot give right to any complaint or compensation or recognition of responsibility.

The owner of this website reserves the right  to interrupt, suspend or end the supply of the service of this website or any other service integrated.

EXCLUSION OF WARRANTY AND RESPONSIBILITY does not give any warranty and it is not responsible for any damages derivative of:

  • Lack of availability and technical continuity of the website
  • Existence of a virus, malwares…
  • Lack of utility, adaptation of the website, services, contents with the object of answering to necessities, activities or expectatives of the users
  • Of the negligent or illegal use of the website that do not respect the rules defined in the present legal warning, to good-faith and public order.
  • Mistakes: will not answer to the consequences derivative of them. The will be fixed by as soon as possible and as soon as they have knowledge of it.


The Web might include links to other websites and content located outside They can be property of third parties. uses said links with the objective of giving as much information as possible to the user. Due to the fact they are completely unaffiliated to, we are not responsible in any case of mentioned websites, their content or the consequences that the user might incur accessing to those links.

At the same time, the owner of the website only authorises interested third parties to stablish links from their sites as long as they are subject to the obligations presented on the legal warning and supposing their good-faith.

Specifically, the link has to make possible that the web is shown in its totality inside the browser’s screen without any content shown in frames, However, reserves the right to require to said third parties to move away immediately their links when the owner thinks is convenient.

Stablishing a link will not imply in any case the existence of implication between the third party and the owner, nor the knowledge or acceptation on side of the services and contents offered in mentioned website. does not assume any kind of responsibility for damages of any kind derivative of the access, maintenance, use, quality, reliability, content, information, communication, opinions, products… offered in the websites that are not managed by the owner of


This present web will use social media and virtual communities as means of communication and promotion of the products and services offered by Social media and virtual communities used are: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest without prejudice that we might use another one’s in the future. The specific objectives to why we use them are to support the services of in a mediatic way.

Regarding the content of the information posted on social media, is not responsible in any case for the truth, adaptation or actualisation of the information supplied through them. will try to incentive the quality of the information through the data received, administration of the sites and will make possible that third parties report about offensive or inappropriate content that have nothing to do with the services offered, pictures published or videos not related with the topics we are using our social media and communities for.

In these cases, the owner of the website as the administrator of the social media, will have the power to delete all information that does not adjust to the quality, objective and good informative service of the social media. However, we will not be responsible for the information referred despite the intention of trying to have the best quality on content.

It is informed that the access to our social media and communities requires a service/supply on other’s suppliers of information behalf. cannot be responsible at any given times of the quality, reliability of them and cannot prevent their cancelation, suspension on external causes to will not be responsible of the damages the user may suffer for reasons that com from mistakes or disconnections in the social media, and that might produce information loss, suspensions, cancelations or interruptions of the service during the supply or with previous character.

The social media and communities may allow access to links and other websites. Referring to Ley 34/2002, de 11 de julio, de Servicios de la sociedad de la información y de comercio electrónico, acts as a supplier of intermediation services, it Will only be responsible of the contents and services supplied in the linked sites, while they have effective knowledge of their illegal act and did not act with the right diligence to get rid of them. If the user considers any of the linked sites includes illegal or inappropriate content, they can communicate it to via mail stablished at the beginning of this legal warning, proceeding to delete these links. in any case is responsible for the contents and services offered in those linked sites, so they do not respond to any damage produced by their illegal acts, quality or mistake.


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